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Boiler Manufacturer Gives Unique Demonstration to HVAC Students

HVAC technology major student Thomas D. Hlavaty, of Pine Grove, observes the steam action HVAC students and instructors meet with Weil-McLain representative Ed Sanders April is famous for its flowers and showers, but, this year, April brought a live-fire steam boiler to Penn College. The boiler, assembled on a trailer by the manufacturer Weil-McLain, sports unique see-through glass pipes and glass boiler panel. Company representative Ed Sanders demonstrated the violent action of the boiling water in a typical steam-heating boiler and how proper piping techniques can reduce heating-system noise and potential damage. Interested students plied Sanders with questions about how to avoid water hammer in field conditions. From Penn College, the Weil-McLain steam trailer proceeded to the monthly meeting of the Susquehanna Valley chapter of the National Association of Oilheat Service Managers, which was attended by three Penn College faculty members Robert S. Heiser, assistant professor of HVAC technology/plumbing and heating; David E. Pentz, assistant professor of plumbing; and Richard C. Taylor, associate professor of plumbing and heating as well as one of the college’s HVAC students.

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