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Board OKs Vision Statement, State Budget-Request Parameters

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Board of Directors on Thursday approved a new vision statement for the college, ratified a resolution specifying the parameters for the college’s state budget request and OK’d updates to the college’s Strategic Plan. The board also heard a Fall 2012 enrollment report from Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour.

Board of Directors meeting summarized for college community
Board of Directors meeting summarized for college community

The new vision statement is “Pennsylvania College of Technology, a national leader in applied technology education.” The statement was deemed aspirational; previously, it was reviewed campuswide and endorsed by College Council.

The 2013-14 state budget-request parameters are submitted to the state along with The Pennsylvania State University’s request. Penn College’s request for a 3-percent increase in its operating appropriation was revised to 3.5 percent by Penn State. The revised parameters are:

  • A $14,059,000 operating appropriation, representing a 3.5-percent increase from 2012-2013.
  • Continuation of the special appropriations (distributed from Penn State’s education and general appropriation): $396,000 for operating.
  • A 4-percent increase in tuition and fees.
  • A 3.8-percent salary increment, per the Penn College Education Association agreement.

Paul L. Starkey, vice president for academic affairs/provost, presented updates to the college’s Strategic Plan, which were approved by the board. Starkey noted goals that have been retired or added in 2011-12. The updates can be found on the Strategic Planning portal site.

Addressing Fall 2012 enrollment, Gilmour said it fell short of budget projections by 56 FTE (full-time equivalent) students with Penn College NOW (dual-enrollment high school enrollees) included. Total enrollment, including the Penn College NOW students, is 6,085 – about 1 percent under budget projections. Without the Penn College NOW students included, total enrollment is 5,671.

“We are pleased, given the economy and given what’s going on in the world today,” Gilmour said.

Freshman enrollment is up by 70 for Fall 2012, and transfer students are up by 16 percent, Gilmour said, noting the transfer student total “is significant for us.”

Applications for Spring 2013 are up by 9 percent, and tuition deposits are up by 2 percent.

“Spring is looking very good for us,” Gilmour told the board, adding that Fall 2013 applications are up by 35 percent, and tuition deposits have increased by 17 percent.

Starkey updated the board on new full-time faculty for 2012-13, including two in Business and Computer Technologies, three in Health Sciences, two in Construction and Design Technologies, and one in Industrial and Engineering Technologies.

The board heard a report on the college’s (and the Penn College Foundation’s) investments presented by Mark Stevenson, vice president and senior portfolio manager for M&T Investment Group.

Fred Becker, dean of hospitality, spoke to the board about activities in the School of Hospitality. Tracy Brundage, assistant vice president for workforce and economic development, offered a report on Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Penn College and then introduced Shannon M. Munro, executive director of workforce development and continuing education. Laura M. Dickinson, chair of College Council and associate professor of English-composition, provided an update on Internal Governance.

Before adjourning the meeting, Robert A. Secor, board chairman, offered praise for Institutional Advancement’s recent fundraising auction and said it demonstrated “strong community support” for the college.

The next meeting of the Penn College Board of Directors is scheduled for Dec. 13.

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