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Better Viewing With GroupWise HTML

More and more e-mail messages, particularly electronic newsletters, take advantage of the flexibility and design control of HTML. Our own daily PCToday message now is delivered to inboxes in this format, giving readers a more eye-pleasing and readable layout. However, to take advantage of this new layout, a change to your GroupWise settings may be in order.

To make sure you are viewing PCToday and other HTML-based e-mail the way they are intended to be viewed, do the following:

  1. With GroupWise open on your office computer (these steps do not apply to the browser-based Webmail service), open the Tools menu and select Options
  2. When the “Options” box opens, double click on the Environment icon
  3. Select the Views tab (shown below)
  4. Under Default Read View, choose HTML. Note: If you’d like to take advantage of additional formatting options (e.g., bullets and numbered lists) in the e-mail you send to others, also choose HTML as the Default Compose View.

Use GroupWise 'Views' tab to enhance your e-mail experience.

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