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Baking & pastry students cap college years in ‘Grand’ style

Students in the Grand Pastry Display course placed a capstone on their baking & pastry arts studies Friday with a display that showed off the skills they’ve learned throughout their Penn College career, including the new skills of planning and preparing a pastry buffet. Each student’s contribution included sweet and savory samples for guests, as well as showpieces that demonstrated their sugar and chocolate artistry. The clients for the display were high school students, who visited from throughout Pennsylvania to learn about the college’s baking, pastry and culinary arts majors. Also contributing to the visitors’ experience were final projects from the Cakes & Decorations course. Students in Grand Pastry Display: Hannah L. Fleischer, of Lititz; Emily P. Jones, of Ephrata; McKenna J. Morgan, of Mar Lin; Moira A. Smith, of Aaronsburg; and Caleb J. Stemler, of Jersey Shore.

– Photos by Jennifer A. Cline, writer/magazine editor



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