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Automotive Department Accepting Vehicles for Student Work

The Automotive Department at Pennsylvania College of Technology offers limited, low-cost automotive maintenance, diagnosis and repair services to current faculty/staff and students as a part of its courses.

Patrons are responsible for the cost of the parts needed and a $10 shop fee, and should be prepared to present Penn Collegeidentification when dropping offtheir vehicles.

Engine Performance A new engine-performance and computer-controls class is under way, and the department is scheduling appointments for those services. The lab will accept vehicles 10 years old and newer with “check engine/service engine soon” lights; fuel, emission and ignition-system problems; starting- and charging-system problems, cooling-system or other drivability concerns.

Students also can perform routine maintenance on those systems, such as fuel- and air-filter replacement, tune-ups, timing belts, etc.

To schedule an appointment, call ext.4164 or stop by the service counter (ATC, Room 121) from 8-11 a.m. Monday through Thursday.

Questions should be directed to Dale E. Jaenke, assistant professor of automotive technology.

Other Vehicles Accepted The department also is accepting vehicles this semester (2000 model year or newer) in need of brake, steering and suspension repairs, as well as alignments.

State pre-inspections also are available. Students cannot put new inspection stickers on vehicles, but can determine what is needed to pass inspection and, in most cases, make the necessary repairs.College employees whosequalified vehicles need service or repair in any of those areas should stop by ATC, Room118, or call ext. 7433 from 10 a.m.-2 p;m. Monday through Thursday to set up an appointment.

Questions should be directed to David P. Showan,associate professor of automotive technology.

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