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Authenticity Essential Ingredient for Visiting Chef

Visiting Chef Sabrina LaRosa chats with a student as she watches over a busy line of students plating the evening's entrée: almond-crusted turkey breast LaRosa adds salt to the panelle being trayed by culinary arts and systems student Phillip D. Poliniak Garlic crostini wait to join the third course: zuppa di fagioli alla Napoletana (Neapolitan-style bean soup) Culinary arts and systems student Richard J. McGlynn and classmates chop mushrooms for the second course Culinary arts technology student Cassandra R. Brochu plates one of three appetizer offerings: Parmigiano Reggiano and Calabrese pepper jam Students in Penn College’s School of Hospitality worked alongside Sabrina LaRosa, who traveled from her home and her mother’s cooking school in Calabria, Italy, to teach students the recipes and techniques of authentic southern Italian cuisine. Her visit culminated with a Visiting Chef dinner on Friday, which raised funds for annual scholarship awards.

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