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An ITS Reminder: E-Mail Scams Remain Threat

Once again, the Internet community has been inundated with e-mail scams asking people to reveal private account information, including passwords. The most recent scams target customers of JPMorgan Chase, prompting thecompany to publish a Web page dedicated to combatting e-mail fraud.

Information Technology Services has warned thePenn College community of these threats in the past, identifying customers of Citibank, eBay andPenPal as potential targets. However,the list of companies whose names and logos are being exploitedgrows every day.

All e-mail messages, regardless of the companies they appear to represent, should beconsidered questionableif their purpose is to confirm or update account information.Company names, logos and other elements of”brand” are easy to reproduce; do not let their presence fool you into thinking an e-mail is legitimate.

If you receive such an e-mail and are uncomfortable ignoring its request, contact the company directly through its published telephone number. Do not reply electronically or click on any links provided in the e-mail.

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