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Alumnus’ ‘Retirement Gift’ to Students Added to YouTube Channel

“I’ve lived it, I’ve been there,” automotive alumnus Thomas C. Baloga told a Klump Academic Center audience as he shared advice late last month, returning to campus for the first time since his 1974 graduation from Williamsport Area Community College. Baloga’s 78-minute presentation, “Ten Tips for Career Success” culled during executive positions with BMW and Mercedes-Benz (among others), has been added to the Penn College YouTube channel. “This is the gift that I would relish the most at my retirement: to be able to pass on some tips … that you can use and avoid some pain and anguish and get you some success the easier way, hearing it from someone that lived it, and hopefully, to be able to give you some inside information, some insight into what an employer looks for, what a manager looks for, how an employee can realize success,” he said. “My hope is that I can impress upon you, not like a sermon, not like a father, but as a friend, as a potential employer.” (Photo gallery)

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