Alumnus Relishes LLB World Series Assignment

Alumnus Sam RanckAs league development manager and director of the Challenger Division for Little League Baseball and Softball, Sam Ranck has a wide scope of responsibilities. When the Little League World Series arrives, the 2006 Penn College business management graduate assumes agratifying new role: Overseeing the arrival of the 16 teams that advance to the title tournament and tending to their varied needs whenever they’re off the field. “You know, a business management degree can take you a lot of places,” Ranck told Tom Speicher, writer/video editor at the college. “It’s not always sitting behind a desk.” Take a timely look at Ranck’s vital role in the Little League World Series lineup an all-star alumnus who found a dream job in his South Williamsport backyard and see how Penn College’s “degrees that work” can put the world at your fingertips.

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