Alumna/Nutritionist Helps ‘Losers’ Make Winning Life Choices

From her childhood preference for raw onions and other vegetables, Juliette K. Yeager has always been a fan of healthy food. The 2010 graduate has put that love to work as a nutritionist for The Biggest Loser Resort at Amelia Island, Florida. Inspired by the popular TV show, the resort provides a sanctuary for individuals to explore healthy life choices, including proper nutrition. Yeager earned an associate degree in physical fitness specialist (now exercise science) at Penn College before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences at Penn State in 2012, and it’s easy to see that she made the right career choice. “We had to take three nutrition classes at the time and, within the first few weeks of that first nutrition class, I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she says. “I value the hands-on experience that I had, as opposed to just sitting in a lecture hall with hundreds of kids and not really seeing it firsthand. We actually dealt with real-life clients as opposed to just textbook learning, but I also enjoyed the fact that there was a classroom component. That education was irreplaceable for me. I use it every day, without a doubt.”

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Way to go, Juliette! One of my all-time favorite student-leaders at Penn College! You made such a huge impact on our campus (Women’s Soccer Captain, Community Assistant, Peer Tutor, Blue Crew and more community service activities than I can list); it’s easy to see why you’re having such an impact on peoples’ lives in your professional endeavors. Thanks for making us Penn College Proud!

Posted by Elliott Strickland at March 27, 2017 at 5:01 pm

Juliette, you are an inspiration to our students AND faculty. Wishing you continued success in your career!

Posted by Susan Hughes at March 28, 2017 at 9:19 pm

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