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All-American Effort Adds to Wildcats’ Winning Tradition

Michelle Wright’s second All-American honor as a representative of the Penn College archery team is just the latest in a rich tradition of Wildcat champions, as noted in this roundup compiled on behalf of the Athletics Department:

Penn College EPCC/PCAA/CCAC/PSUAC Champions

Baseball Team1996 Penn College (Eastern Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference) 1999 Penn College (EPCC) 2000 Penn College (EPCC) 2006 Penn College (Penn State University Athletic Conference)

Coach of the Year1998 (spring) Mike Stanzione 1998 (fall) Mike Stanzione 1999 (spring) Mike Stanzione 2000 (spring) Mike Stanzione

Women’s Basketball 1999 Penn College (EPCC North winner; second to Manor in EPCC) 2005-06 Penn College (PSUAC)

GolfTeam1994 Penn College (EPCC) 1995 Penn College (EPCC) 1998 Penn College (EPCC) 2003 Penn College (Pennsylvania Collegiate Athletic Association) 2004 Penn College (PCAA/Commonwealth Campus Athletic Conference) 2005 Penn College (PSUAC)

Individual 1982 Dan McKean (71-77 148), W.A.C.C. (PCAA) 2003 Matt Haile (74-76 150; won with a birdie on first playoff hole) (PCAA) 2004 Brandon Smith (76-75 151) (CCAC) 2005 Shaun McQuay (147, beat teammate Matt Haile on first playoff hole) (PSUAC)

Coach of the Year1995 Gary Sahosky (PCAA) 1996 Gary Sahosky (PCAA) 1998 Gary Sahosky (PCAA) 2003 Chet Schuman (PCAA) 2004 Chet Schuman (PCAA/CCAC)

Men’s Cross CountryTeam 1982 WACC (35 points) (PCAA) 1996 Penn College (52 points) (PCAA) 1998 Penn College (20 points) (PCAA) 1999 Penn College (18 points) (PCAA) 2001 Penn College (45 points) (EPCC/PCAA) 2002 Penn College, Penn State Berks (tie 35 points) (EPCC/PCAA) 2003 Penn College (EPCC/PCAA) 2004 Penn College (EPCC/PCAA/CCAC) 2005 Penn College (PSUAC)

Individual1982 Tom Howard (28:03), W.A.C.C. (PCAA) 1984 Wayne Parfitt (27:03), W.A.C.C. (PCAA) 1998 Nate Metzler (27:21), Penn College (PCAA) 1999 Andy Littlejohn (32:53), Penn College (PCAA) 2001 Scott Morgan (28:44), Penn College (PCAA) 2002 William Dillingham (30:06) (PCAA) 2003 Paul Merces, Penn College (PCAA) 2005 Tom Lambert, Penn College (28:02) (PSU-AC)

Coach of the Year1994 Denny Dunkleberger (PCAA) 1996 Denny Dunkleberger (PCAA) 1997 Denny Dunkleberger (PCAA) 1998 Denny Dunkleberger (PCAA) 1999 Denny Dunkleberger (PCAA) 2001 Mike Paulhamus (PCAA) 2003 Mike Paulhamus (PCAA) 2004 Mike Paulhamus (PCAA)

Women’s Cross CountryTeam1996 Penn College (18 points) (PCAA) 1997 Penn College (33 points) (PCAA) 1999 Penn College (20 points) (PCAA) 2001 Penn College (20 points) (PCAA) 2004 Penn College (PCAA/CCAC)

Individual 1991 Denenne Haines (20:13), Penn College (PCAA) 1996 Nina Sontheimer (23:41), Penn College (PCAA) 1999 Nina Sontheimer (25:04), Penn College (PCAA) 2001 Christine Seward (25:36), Penn College (PCAA)

Men’s SoccerTeam2000 Penn College defeated Manor College, 1-0 (PCAA/EPCC) 2004 Penn College defeated Penn State Hazleton, 5-0 (CCAC/PCAA/EPCC) 2005 Penn College defeated Penn State Hazleton, 3-0 (PSUAC) Coach of the Year2000 Andy Richardson (PCAA) 2004 Andy Richardson (PCAA)

Women’s SoccerTeam2001 Penn College defeated Manor, 2-1 (PCAA/EPCC) 2002 Penn College defeated Manor, 4-3 in overtime (PCAA/EPCC) Coach of the Year 2001 Dan Hibbs (PCAA) 2002 Dan Hibbs (PCAA)

Co-Ed BowlingWomen’s Team2004 Penn College (PCAA) Team members: Kelli Fazekas, Melisa Klees, Robin Campbell, Janelle Badger

Women’s All-Event2004 Kelli Fazekas, Penn College (PCAA) Women’s Doubles2004 Kelli Fazekas-Janelle Badger (PCAA) 2005 Kelli Fazekas-Janelle Badger (PCAA)

Men’s Team2005 Penn College (PCAA) Team members: Sean Garczynski, Tim McMahon, Jason Tolley, Jarret Walter, Paul Kenney, Jon Miglin 2006 Penn College (PCAA) Team members: Brandon Hendricks, Steve Eckman, Ben Zech, Andrew Hurst, Tim McMahon, Andrew Parsons.

Men’s Doubles2006 Tim McMahon-Ben Zech (PCAA)

Men’s All Events 2005 Sean Garczynski (PCAA)

Co-Ed TennisTeam1998 Penn College (EPCC) 1999 Penn College (EPCC) 2000 Penn College (EPCC) 2004 Penn College (EPCC/PCAA)

Men’s Singles1999 Charlie Baum, Penn College (PCAA) 2001 Brian Cole, Penn College (PCAA)

Men’s Doubles1999 Chris Seiler-Chris Simmons, Penn College (PCAA) 2000 Chris Seiler-Colin McGrath, Penn College (PCAA)

Women’s Singles2003 (spring) Teresa Burrill, Penn College (PCAA) 2004 (spring) Teresa Burrill, Penn College (PCAA) 2004 (fall) Teresa Burrill, Penn College (CCAC)

Women’s Doubles 2002 Mical Wolf-Tonya Strouse, Penn College (PCAA) 2003 Teresa Burrill-Kristie Boyd, Penn College (PCAA)

ArcheryTeam1998 National Collegiate Outdoor men’s compound champion. 1999 National Collegiate Indoor men’s compound champion. Individual National Champion 2004 Ryan Romberger (Pillow), male compound Individual National Runner-up 2005 Karen Morse (Canton), women’s compound

All-Americans 1997 Chad Karstetter, Chris Champaign, Brian Parker 1998 Chad Karstetter, Brian Parker, Steve Craig, Shawn Naylor 1999 Chad Karstetter, Brian Parker, Shawn Naylor 2000 Chad Karstetter, Brian Parker, Chris Champaign, Shawn Naylor, Jason Harris, Harry Bauman, Beth Dentler 2001 Matt Frye, Justin Wendorf, Harry Bauman 2002 Matt Frye, Justin Wendorf, Harry Bauman, Sarah Douglas 2003 Ryan Romberger 2004 Ryan Romberger, Ryan Benny, Michelle Wright 2005 Ryan Romberger 2006 Michelle Wright

Men’s Volleyball (EPCC)2005 (spring) Won championship (26-1 overall record, defeated Harrisburg Area Community College 22-25, 25-16, 25-16, 21-25, 15-9 in title match at Bardo Gym. Coach Wes Strayer.) 2006 (spring) Won EPCC championship, defeated Northampton County Community College, 30-20, 30-11 in finale. Finished 28-5 overall. Finished second to Messiah in the Middle Atlantic Collegiate Volleyball Club League, losing 25-21, 9-25, 15-17.

Women’s Volleyball (CCAC)2004 (fall) Won championship (21-2 overall record, defeated Penn State Fayette, 31-33, 30-28, 15-10 in title match. Coach Bambi Hawkins.)

Wrestling(all Eastern Pennsylvania Community College Athletic Conference)1971 Williamsport Area Community College 1972 W.A.C.C. 1973 W.A.C.C. 1977 W.A.C.C. 1978 W.A.C.C. 1979 W.A.C.C. 1980 W.A.C.C. 1981 W.A.C.C. (Note: Wrestling team existed only from 1969 through 1983, when the sport was discontinued. The coach was Max Wasson).

NOTES: The EPCCAC formed in 1970-71 and became the EPCC on Aug. 1, 1984. The PCAA formed in 1979-80. Penn College was admitted to the CCAC in Spring 2004 and first played in it during the Fall 2004 season.

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