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Aircraft Propeller Donated by Virginia Company

An aircraft propeller valued at $7,000 has been donated to Pennsylvania College of Technology by SCS, Inc., of Warrenton, Va.

The Hartzell propeller will be used for instructional purposes on an airplane that’s being utilized by the aviation programs in Penn College’s School of Transportation Technology. The aviation programs are taught at the Kathryn Wentzel Lumley Aviation Center at the Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville.

SCS, Inc. owner Jay Heffner presented the propeller to the College; it was received by Robert M. Werkmeister, assistant professor of aviation.

“The propeller is being used on one of the College’s Cessna aircraft,” said Colin W. Williamson, dean of the School of Transportation Technology. “It features a hydraulically controlled variable-pitch prop, and it’s a great learning activity for students to see such a prop in operation.”

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