Admissions Office Issues ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ to Crosstown Counterparts

A "bucket brigade" of Student Ambassadors, representing Greek Life, athletics or some of the college's "degrees that work," forms at the main entrance.

Dennis L. Correll, associate dean of admissions and financial aid, helps the college mascot avoid soggy sneakers.

Joseph J. Balduino gamely accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge ...

... and is handily doused by a Wildcat Waterfall.

In a west-to-east wave, students dump bucket after frosty bucket over Admissions Office co-workers.

Penn College’s Admissions Office accepted the “ice bucket challenge” on behalf of the ALS Foundation on Thursday, as staff members subjected themselves to a shivery soaking at the wickedly willing hands of Student Ambassadors. Joseph J. Balduino, the college’s director of recruitment, had dared his colleagues – a plan that backfired when he realized he’d be part of any response – so, sporting a T-shirt from Lycoming College, his alma mater and former employer, Balduino kicked off the challenge with assistance from the Penn College Wildcat. After the mascot poured a bucket of ice water over Balduino’s head, the students followed suit with the rest of the Admissions staff. Shedding his Lycoming shirt in favor of Penn College garb, Balduino then challenged Lycoming’s Admissions Office staff, as well as Daniel P. Miller, vice president for student life; and (with a good-natured “Welcome to Williamsport”) first-year Lycoming President Kent C. Trachte.

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Way to go, Joe :) Nice way to keep Lyco included.

Posted by Dawn Marie Sones at August 22, 2014 at 8:08 am

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