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Adjunct Instructor Assists Psychology Publication

Joe S. Miller, an adjunct instructor of sociology and psychology classes at Pennsylvania College of Technology, assisted with supporting materials for the second edition of “Real World Psychology,” published and released recently by Wiley, a global publishing company specializing in academic publishing.

Joe S. Miller
Joe S. Miller

Miller worked on the publication’s lecture PowerPoint slides.

The 560-page publication, used in Penn College’s PSY 111 course, offers comprehensive coverage of key concepts in introductory psychology. As part of its teaching resources, the second edition of “Real World Psychology” features updated testing and assessment resources including lecture PowerPoint slides and media-enriched PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint resources are used by instructors to enhance their lectures and in-class activities.

"Real World Psychology"
“Real World Psychology”

The book’s authors are Catherine A. Sanderson and Karen Huffman.

Miller received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Eastern University and has taught part time at Penn College since 2002.

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