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A Veterans Day Salute

The large American flag outside the Student and Administrative Services Center offers a high-flying reminder of veterans' military service.On this Veterans Day, PCToday pays tribute to the Pennsylvania College of Technology students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) the United States.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to join in gratitude for the military service of these colleagues, who are among those we recognize through this voluntary honor roll:


  • Jamie L. Augustine, Army, 10 years
  • Jason A. Baier, Air Force, 2002-06
  • Chester M. Beaver, 25 years, Army (retired)
  • Harrison S. Cutler, Navy Seabees, 2006-08
  • G. Michael Davis, Air Force, 1980-84
  • Kyle J. Didyoung, Army. five years
  • Stephanie A. Dimon, Air Force, 1996-2004
  • Travis S. Draper, Air Force, 2000-06
  • Barry Lee Farr, Navy, (retired), 1982-92
  • Samuel P. Ferster, Marine Corps, September 1987-September 2007
  • Molly G. Goldsmith, Army National Guard, 16 years (still serving)
  • Frederick A. Gonsar, Marine Corps, 2006-10
  • Mark L. Haas, Air Force, 1979-83
  • Jack W. Hallmark, Army (retired)
  • Clint Hinton, Air Force, 2001-07
  • Letittia L. Hobbs, Army National Guard, 2004-present
  • Richard T. Kaminski, Army National Guard, six years
  • Katherine L. Kelley, two years (and still serving), Army National Guard
  • Tiffany A. Kilpatrick, Navy, 1999-2005
  • Kimberly A. Kohler, Navy, 22 years
  • Adam K. LaForme, four years, Air Force
  • Matthew J. Madden, five years, Marine Corps
  • David L. Maffett, 25 years, Army (retired), Iraq War combat veteran
  • Gavin O’Brien, Army National Guard, nine years (still serving)
  • Jessica L. Peterson, Army, four years, including two deployments to Iraq
  • Megan E. Peterson, Marine Corps, 2006-10
  • Jason C. Phillips, Air Force, 2000-06
  • Kristina M. Phillips, Army, five years’ active duty, including service in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Allen J. Price, Army, active duty, August 1997-June 2002
  • Lindsey M. Romano, one and half years (still serving), Army National Guard
  • Nathan L. Sanders, Army and Army National Guard, 2002-present
  • Stephen E. Sharp, Army, five years, including two deployments to Iraq
  • Alicia M. Stryker, Navy, 2002-06
  • Albert L. Swortwood, Army, 1991-92
  • Kyle R. Taylor, six years, Army National Guard, including duty in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Bruce B. Tymeson Jr., Marine Corps, nine years’ active duty, including Operation Desert Storm
  • Douglas L. Weber, Navy, eight years (five years’ active; three years and continuing in reserve)
  • Andrew S. Wickard, Army National Guard, 2009-present
  • Jennifer M. Yocum, Navy, May 2001-February 2006
  • Terry L. Yocum III, Marine Corps, 2005-10
  • Michael A. Ziegler, Navy


  • Dennis R. Dorward, Army, 1982-85
  • Kimberly A. Fox, Army National Guard, January 2002-January 2008, including service in Iraq from June 2004-June 2005
  • Gary S. Giacobbi, Air Force, 20 years
  • Terry A. Girdon, Army (retired), 28 years
  • John M. Good III, Army,five years
  • Walter V. Gower, 22 years, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve (retired)
  • Barry P. Heiser, active-duty Air Force, August 1964-August 1968; Army National Guard, July 1976-May 1985
  • Edgar A. Hollingsworth, Army (active duty and reserve), 20 years
  • Kenneth C. Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76
  • Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force (retired), 1954-63
  • Dennis R. Williams, Army, 1968-74
  • Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 1970-2001


  • Kenneth L. Berry, Army, 1975-78
  • Clifford P. Coppersmith, Army Reserve, 1988-2000
  • Raymond J. Fischer Jr., Army Reserve, 20 years (retired)
  • Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard, six years
  • Eugene M. McAvoy, Navy, 1980-88
  • Jeffrey L. McGinness, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, 1989-97 (also a student)
  • William B. MacInnis, Navy, 1992-94
  • David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and National Guard (1982-85)
  • Larry L. Michael, Air Force, 1968-72
  • Walter D. Nyman, Army, 1967-70
  • Michael J. Paulhamus, Air Force, 1971-75
  • Heidi A. Samsel, Air Force, 1989-92
  • Dorothy L. Schramm, Air Force and Air National Guard, 1986-94 (also adjunct faculty)
  • Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99
  • Robert Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
  • Diane L. Smith, Air Force, 1974-76
  • Rebecca A. Steer, Army, May 1985-January 2003
  • Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force, 1987-91
  • Elery J. Walizer, Army, serving in Korea (1968-69) and Vietnam (1969-70)
  • Steven H. Wallace, Army, 20 years’ active duty
  • Charles H. “Hank” White, Air Force, 1963-67

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