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A trifecta of exam-time treats

Stop the presses! Don’t bring down the curtain yet on the Spring 2019 semester, not while there are still events to chronicle and occasions to celebrate! As students, faculty and staff count down to midmonth commencement exercises – and the beckoning summer beyond – a number of lighthearted activities have helpfully conspired to put respite on the cramming-for-finals calendar. Among the recent amusements overseen by thoughtful campus entities were a Wildcat Events Board-sponsored petting zoo outside the Keystone Dining Room, a Capitol Eatery beach party, and the traditional Midnight Breakfast avalanche of fun and food.

–  Photos by J.J. Boettcher and Rachel A. Eirmann, student photographers;
and Dining Services’ Mark J. Leo (director), Noelle B. Bloom (assistant director), and Amy S. Lingg (marketing assistant)


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