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A grateful campus salutes its veterans

On this Veterans Day weekend, PCToday honors the Penn College students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) the United States.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to join in gratitude for the service of these classmates and co-workers, who are among those we recognize through this voluntary roster.

Penn College's military family honored for Veterans DayStudents
Christopher H. Donmoyer, National Guard, two years
Phillip C. Freelove, Pennsylvania National Guard, two years
Langdon Gillen, active-duty Air Force, 2005-11
Ryan J. Hoffman, Navy, four years
Stephen W. Houseknecht, Army, retired after 23 years’ service
James Jordan, Army, December 2004-May 2016
Amie N. Longacre, active-duty Army, three years
Chelsea L. Manning, Army, 2008-10
Joey Meixel, Army, eight years
Terrance M. Miller, Army National Guard, six years
Tyler J. Sones, Army, four years
Jonathan R. Sutcliffe, active-duty Army and Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 12 years
Mark R. Woodring, Army, 17 years
Michael A. Zvodar, Navy, 2004-08

Marcia M. Bartlett, Navy, 10 years
Cassandra J. Butters, three years’ active duty, Air Force Nurse Corps
Kimberly A. Calvert, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, six years (including an 18-month combat deployment in Ramadi, Iraq)
John F. Chappo, Army (82nd Airborne Division), 1986-90
Dennis R. Dorward, Army, 1982-85
John M. Good III, Army, five years
Jamie L. Mahoney, Army, 10 years
Robert I. Mitchell, Air Force, 22 years
Dennis P. Skinner, Marine Corps, 1976-79
Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 30 years

David A. Bates, Navy
Chet Beaver
, Army, 24 years
Kenneth L. Bolig, Marine Corps (1973-78) and Navy (1983 to 2003)
Randall K. Curry, Air Force, 1979-89
Walter V. Gower, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve (retired), 22 years
Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard, July 1988-April 1994
Geoff B. Hensley, active-duty Navy, four years
Craig D. Hostrander, Coast Guard, seven years
Lynn C. Knower, Navy, eight years
Thomas J. Matus, Navy, 1965-69
Patrick Marty, Army, 1991-95
Timothy O. Rissel, Navy, eight years
Rhonda L. Shableski, Air Force, nine years
Heather M. Shuey, Army, 12 years
Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99
Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force, 1987-91

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Lists were compiled from student and employee responses to a collegewide email.)

"Empty table"Several small tables, each set for one person and paying tribute to all branches of the military, were placed at various Penn College locations this Veterans Day week (such as in CC Commons, at left) in honor of fallen and missing military personnel.

The campus community is encouraged to visit the solemn displays and join in appreciation for all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s freedom.

An explanation of each item’s symbolism and “A Toast to Our Fallen Comrades” follow: Empty Table


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