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A Good Sport for a Good Cause

A presidential pucker seals the deal Evan Vonada escorts the guest of honor Petting a rare campus visitor are Kimberly R. Cassel, director of student activities, and sons Ready for its close-up Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour gamely kept her end of a charitable bargain Tuesday afternoon, kissing a cow in the parking lot of the Student and Administrative Services Center. The president was the voters’ favorite during the $350 fundraiser for the Alternative Spring Break community-service initiative, which this year took students to Heifer International in Arkansas. Volunteers recently traversed campus with canisters denoting various college dignitaries; the osculatory outcome was decided by the highest amount of money collected. The cow was supplied by Wade Vonada and his children, Evan and Megan, from their family farm in Mackeyville.
Photos by Whitnie-rae Mays, student photographer, and Fred Gilmour, alumnus/retired faculty member

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