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Legacy of Leaders
George H. Parkes

Dr. George H. Parkes
Dr. George H. Parkes

During an interview for Penn College’s ongoing oral history project, a former dean of applied arts noted, “Behind every great institution stands the shadow of one man – that was Dr. George Parkes.” Those comments from James P. Bressler about the founder of Williamsport Technical Institute are particularly fitting as the college moves ever closer to its 100th anniversary in 2014. “Legacy of Leaders,” the recently published second volume in the Countdown to the Centennial, brings Parkes and his successors out of the shadows with inspiring stories of their momentous impact. The illustrated volume, which takes readers on a richly detailed journey from the birth of WTI to the institution’s present-day renown, is available from The College Store.

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Dennis Correll,

Every employee needs to read the first chapter of this book to truly understand what our roots are and how that historical period has defined the future for all of us and what we do everyday, not only at Penn College, but with our graduates all around the world.
A big thank you to all that had a part in compiling this book, it is well done.

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