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2006-07 SGA Executive Board Election Results Announced

The Student Government Association has announced the results from last week’s six-day online election for its 2006-07 Executive Board.

“There was an outstanding turnout, with over5 percent of the student body voting this year beating the 2-percent national average for student government voting turnouts,” noted Kirk M. Allen, SGA’s executive vice president.”The success of this election can be attributed to the competition for the office of vice president for internal relations and the online voting system, courtesy ofInformation Technology Services.”

The 2006-07 SGA Executive Board will be:

Jim Riedel President Jim Riedel

Kirk M. Allen Executive Vice President Kirk M. Allen

Jason Rossi Vice President OfPublic Relations Jason Rossi

Patrick Butler Vice President OfInternal Relations Patrick Butler

Vice President OfFinance(Open for appointment)

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