1985 Spotlight – Musings on Music

  • Published September 11, 2013
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John Lennon

The debate on the role music has in society has been argued over the decades. Spotlight staff writer Anne Moratelli expressed her thoughts on the topic in a Sept. 24, 1984, issue of the Williamsport Area Community College student newspaper: “Considering the wide variety of music in existence, many of us probably couldn’t choose one particular type as a favorite. The reason for this is that there is so much versatility in many of today’s performers. Many bands are resurrecting the old favorites and giving them a new type of recognition. Music plays an important role in the lives of people today and indeed reflects a mood and gets a message across. Today’s music involves a superb combination of creativity and emotion, sounds that appeal to the audiences, and collaborations created from the mixing of old and new music. Music is important to people in today’s society because expression of feelings and ideas are essential.” Twenty-eight years later, Moratelli’s opinion describes today’s music to a T. Every genre of music evolves with time, yet stays rooted as an outlet for creative expression by anyone. The accompanying drawing of the late John Lennon was done by advertising art major Tom Tedesco for a March 1985 Supersound publication, a supplement to Spotlight that focused on a number of that year’s favorite performers: The Clash, AC/DC, Bob Seger, Heart and Pat Benetar, among them. Online copies of Spotlight and Montage, the WACC yearbook, are available through Madigan Library’s Archives and Special Collections; watch the PCToday calendar for musical events and other scheduled entertainment on campus and at the Community Arts Center (such as the Downtown Billtown Music Festival below).

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