1966 Spotlight – preHarmony.com?

COMETAD in operation

Nearly 50 years ago, before the Internet removed much of the awkward mystery from blind dating, four computer science students at Williamsport Area Community College devised an electronic method for ascertaining potential partners’ compatibility. As reported in the March 30, 1966, edition of the Spotlight student newspaper, COMETAD (which presumably combined a computer prefix with the reverse spelling of “date”) converted applicants’ personality questionnaires onto punch cards that – for a minimal fee – could help like-minded people make a love connection. This romantic piece of college history, delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day, is among the nostalgic nuggets unearthed in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Penn College and its forerunner institutions.

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Oh the good times of punch cards and the students who thought it was a riot to knock that stack of cards out of your hands. Luckily good friends were always around to help put them back in order – CS class of 1982.

Posted by Jenny at February 12, 2013 at 8:29 am

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