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Penn College Welcomes New Employees

PCToday continues its regular feature – welcoming new full-time and regular part-time Pennsylvania College of Technology employees, as reported by the Human Resources Office.

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Welders’ Quick Work Helps ‘Little Leaguer’ Find His Swing Again

Equally at "home" in the welding lab or on the job site, Erica L. Strittmatter makes repairs to a downtown landmark.

From left: Welding instructor Michael K. Patterson; welding and fabrication engineering technology majors Erica L. Strittmatter, of Williamsport, and Bethany L. Kohl, of Milton; welding technology major Daryl T. Schrimp, of Williamsport; and welding instructor Steve J. Kopera.

Thanks to Penn College welding students and faculty, the downtown display commemorating Williamsport as the birthplace of Little League Baseball is whole once again. At the request of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, the Penn College contingent reattached a portion of a bat that was broken off one of the life-sized, bronze “Bases Loaded” statues last month. It took the college crew only 41 minutes to complete the task in Market Street Square.

The project is also featured on the college’s YouTube Channel:

Painting the Campus Red (and Other Holiday Hues)

A star-spangled greeting from the Penn College Veterans Club

The Physician Assistant Club puts a 3-D spin on a board-game favorite.

From stir stick to seasonal expression

In play as at work, members of the Penn College Construction Association wield the tools of the trade.

The Construction Management Association finds a novel use for caution tape.

Artistic and enthusiastic representatives of three-dozen campus organizations and offices converged at the General Services building along Reach Road on Tuesday, tasked in a decidedly party-like atmosphere with turning blank wooden canvases into holiday greeting cards. The cards will be lighted (and the winners announced) at 5 p.m. Dec. 2.
Photos by Dalaney A. Vartenisian, student photographer

Hughesville High Schoolers Visit College Plastics Labs

Visiting East Lycoming School District students hear from the college's Timothy E. Weston, associate professor of plastics & polymer technology and department head,

The guests learn how a recreational mainstay is manufactured by injection molding.

The impressive machinery in the Plastics Innovation & Resource Center's Thermoforming Center of Excellence is demonstrated by program manager Christopher J. Gagliano (left).

A group of 34 engineering-minded students from Hughesville High School visited the campus’ plastics laboratories Wednesday morning in a tour arranged by Anne K. Soucy, assistant professor of plastics technology and liaison to the Penn College NOW dual-enrollment program. Students representing grades nine through 12 were able to tour the college’s thermoforming, blow molding, extrusion, rotational molding and injection molding labs, where Penn College students provided demonstrations of the equipment.
Photos by Dalaney T. Vartenisian, student photographer

Taking the High Road

Using a lab vehicle as a convenient visual aid ...

... Trooper Cory Beaver brings student up-to-date on prevailing motor carrier regulations.

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Cory Beaver, accompanied by Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer Will Latchet, made their annual visit to Penn College’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center on Thursday afternoon. The visit provided an opportunity for diesel and heavy equipment technology students to witness an actual roadside commercial vehicle safety evaluation. The officers explained the extent of responsibility and liability of the driver, as well as the servicing technician, to ensure the commercial vehicles they operate, maintain and repair are within regulatory guidelines. Beaver discussed load securement, permits and driver violations, as well as the Compliance, Safety and Accountability point-assessment system associated with motor carrier vehicles and operators. “Whether heavy equipment technicians, operators hauling the equipment or diesel technicians inspecting the trucks and trailers, having the state police and motor carrier inspectors come in to speak is a great way for our students to become educated early on about the laws and regulations that are currently being enforced,” said Mark E. Sones, diesel equipment technology instructor.
Photos by Pamela A. Mix, secretary to the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies/library computer assistant

Penn College Scholarship to Reward Sustainable Lifestyle

A new scholarship fund at Pennsylvania College of Technology will benefit students who demonstrate a passion and commitment to sustainability.

“Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It is becoming a core value for many businesses and organizations,” said Robb Dietrich, executive director of the Penn College Foundation. “This scholarship will reward students who not only take the topic of sustainability seriously when presented in the classroom, but who also put it into practice through their activities on campus and in the community.”

An anonymous donor established the fund with the goal of building to an endowment of at least $25,000, after which it will become a permanent source of scholarships through the annual Penn College Awards program administered by the Student Activities Office.

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Children Create Fun, Healthy Snacks in ‘Food Art’ Project

"Come into my parlor," says this spider, fashioned from honey whole-grain crackers, pretzel rods, fresh blueberries and reduced-fat cream cheese with crushed pineapple.

Finding the fun side of good nutrition

Apple wedges and grapes comprise an atypically edible race car.

Sharon A. Berger, Dining Services’ registered dietitian, worked with youngsters at Penn College’s Dunham Children’s Learning Center this week to create “Food Art.” The boys and girls also practiced their memory and math skills, as they had to remember which ingredients (and how much of each) were required in their delicious handiwork.
Photos by Amy S. Lingg, Dining Services’ marketing assistant

Penn College Welcomes New Employee

PCToday continues its regular feature – welcoming new full-time and regular part-time Pennsylvania College of Technology employees, as reported by the Human Resources Office.

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Campus Displays Honor Military Service – Past and Present

Penn College veterans John A. Gondy (left), an architectural technology major from Glenmoore, and Jacob M. Heuman, a building automation technology student from Boiling Springs, staff the Veterans Club "Giving Tree" Tuesday night.

"Empty table" displays again honor veterans' sacrifice.

A seasonal tribute to servicemen and woman, as colorful as it is meaningful, has been added to Penn College’s observance of Veterans Day this year. A “Giving Tree” – donated by David Kay, vice president for college services, and his wife, Joann, former coordinator of veterans affairs – has been placed in the Bush Campus Center lobby by the Veterans Club. People can pay $1 to hang a ribbon on the tree in the name of a family member or special someone who has served or is serving in the military. Different-colored ribbons represent the five branches of the Armed Forces, and there is an additional option to recognize first responders. Money raised goes toward the Fisher House Foundation, which administers a network of comfort homes where families can stay at no cost while a loved one (who is a veteran) is receiving treatment. Penn College veteran students will collect donations through Thursday. Elsewhere on campus, several “empty table” installations pay silent homage to those who gave their lives for their country. An explanation of the displays’ symbolism follows: Empty Table

Federal Grant Helps Student-Parents Pay for On-Campus Child Care

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Robert & Maureen Dunham Children’s Learning Center received a grant that will help subsidize the cost of child care for eligible parents who are pursuing higher education at the college.

The CCAMPIS grant, which stands for Child Care Access Means Parents in School, is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Its purpose is to support the participation of low-income parents in postsecondary education through the provision of campus-based child care services. Penn College will receive $102,042 for 2015-16.

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Penn College Again Awarded ‘Military Friendly’ Designation

College again named "Military Friendly" school

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s dedication to veterans has earned the institution “Military Friendly” status for the seventh consecutive year.

Victory Media, a veteran-owned business that compiles data-driven ratings to assist service members in choosing post-military education and career pursuits, today named Penn College a 2016 Military Friendly School.

The designation is awarded to the top colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace military students by dedicating resources to ensure success in the classroom and postgraduation.

“Though we are proud to receive this honor again this year, we now consider this an ‘expectation,’” said Chester M. Beaver, the college’s veterans affairs coordinator. “We have developed a tradition of providing veterans with great service and will continue to build what is now a strong and integral part of our student body.”

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When No Snooze Is Bad News

Refreshing sleep is of huge importance when staying healthy. The aim of Sleep Awareness Week, being observed this week at Penn College, is to raise awareness about how poor sleep can disrupt our lives, while encouraging people to establish better sleeping patterns.

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Author/Filmmaker Helps Students See PTSD’s ‘Invisible Wound’

Alivia Tagliaferri

Local author and documentary filmmaker Alivia Tagliaferri visited Joe Miller’s General Psychology class Thursday night to discuss post-traumatic stress disorder.

Tagliaferri’s book, “Beyond the Wall:  The Journey Home,” chronicles the many discussions she had with military veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center.  A sizable portion of those individuals had experienced or were continuing to experience PTSD.

“While many of the patients there had visible wounds – missing limbs, broken bones – PTSD is an invisible wound,” she said. “It isn’t always obvious to an outside observer.”

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Fiery Demo Underscores Virtues of Flame-Resistant Garments

With onlookers cordoned at a safe distance, Thermo-Man is engulfed in flames.

DuPont's demonstration unit is prepped for another performance.

Brian Foy highlights the protective properties of DuPont's Nomex clothing line.

Tuesday's demonstration draws an interested industry crowd.

Truly protective clothing is discolored by the flames, but retains its integrity ... and saves the life of its wearer. (Photo by David C. Pistner, director of special projects for Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Penn College)

Representatives of DuPont, joined by a silent (yet effective) business partner, held a convincing campus demonstration Tuesday of the protection offered by flame-resistant clothing. David Grislis, business development consultant, and Brian Foy, marketing development manager, brought the company’s Thermo-Man demonstration unit – a life-size mannequin covered with test attire and more than 100 heat sensors – to a parking lot west of College Avenue Labs to show how the right clothing can significantly reduce burn injury. FRCs are required to be worn in almost all oil and gas positions, and the Penn College audience included a number of industry personnel. The visit was facilitated by the Lycoming County Department of Public Safety, ShaleNet and Penn College Police.

Penn College XC Runners Set for Conference Championships

Pennsylvania College of Technology cross-country runners will compete in the North Eastern Athletic Conference Championships on Saturday at Cazenovia College and first-year coach Nick Patton says they are ready.

“It’s pretty simple. I think the team is where it needs to be at this point. I expect a good performance on both sides,” he said.

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